Oregon Quarterly

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock
April 1

Cultivating Calm

Professor applies his research with meditation to help students succeed in classrooms and careers
6'11" senior center Waverly Austin gives his jersey to a soldier. Photograph by Deirdre Shean Kanzig '83
April 1

Thank You for Serving

The UO men's basketball team flies to Korea to entertain troops for an "away game"
Conner Gordon stands in front of a giant Port Orford cedar located on the UO campus between Deady and Allen Hall. Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

The Best... Tree on Campus

A towering cedar tree on campus holds a special place in the hearts of two generations of Ducks
Photograph courtesy of Colin Koopman
April 1

Profile: Colin Koopman

An assistant professor of philosophy talks about the relevance of his field for all UO students
James Blue in Buffalo, NY in 1979. Photograph by Jane Hartney
April 1

Witnessing History

UO students helped raise the internationally renowned films of James Blue from obscurity in the US
Mary Louise Pope stands at the counter of her popular ice cream and donut shop shortly before relocating her business to the suburbs. Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

The Way It Was

Photographs provide a glimpse at a downtown Eugene community that vanished amid the "urban renewal" of the 1970s
Donna and George McGuinness at the Metropol Bakery, with a portion of their collection on display behind them. Photograph by David Loveall
April 1

Still Life with Baguette

Baked goods and fine art come together at one of Eugene's most popular and longstanding bakeries
Photograph by Serin Fotography
April 1

The Truck That Keeps on Quacking

The family behind the wheel of the green and yellow Duck Truck
Four members of the 1938-39 University of Oregon basketball team, known as the Tall Firs, waving from the rear platform of a train as they depart Eugene for the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament's West regional held in San Francisco.
April 1

Before the Madness

In an excerpt of March 1939: Before the Madness, Terry Frei explores the roots of the Ducks basketball team
Daryle Hawkins at the 2013 Civil War game. Photograph courtesy of Russ Long - gridirongirl.org
April 1

The Sporting Life

A peek into a day in the life of Ducks wide receiver Daryle Hawkins and what it means to be a student-athlete