Oregon Quarterly

Graphics on the ventilated lockers feature four different body types related to various positions, as well as each player's name, number, and hometown. Photograph courtesy ZGF Architects
October 1

Form Beyond Function

The UO's new football performance center offers architectural aspirations
Photograph by Staff Sgt. April Davis, Oregon Military Department Public Affiars
October 1

World Leader in the House

Thousands showed up to Matthew Knight Arena to hear the Dalai Lama
Oregon senior, Antonia DeMichiel uses crutches walk due to cerebral palsy. Her message, "Stop seeing my disability. Start seeing my ability." Photograph by Robert Fogarty
October 1

A Medium for Their Message

Robert Fogarty asks people to tell their stories—in very few words
Illustration by Jim Cloutier
October 1

The Taste of College

A children's storybook tale depicits university life at UO in 1961
Photograph courtesy Elliott Kennedy
October 1

The Best... Walk on Game Day

An inside view and personal experience of the storied walk to Autzen Stadium for UO football games
Photograph courtesy Jeffrey Bale
October 1

A World of Inspirations

A designer creates landscapes of delight heavily influenced by his international travel
Photograph by Ben DeJarnette
October 1

Profile: Sara Hodges

The professor behind the prank that kick-starts some freshmen down the psychology path at UO
Cluster of Lily-of-the-Valley plants, ca. 1954. Photograph courtesy Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
October 1

‘Autumn Bouquets for Everybody’

The letters of a noted Northwest painter show a complex character pulled by competing impulses
This year marks 20 years since Harry Rinehart returned to Wheeler to revive what had developed into a dying, small-town clinic, successfully meeting the manifold challenges of delivering health care to rural America. Photograph by Bonnie Henderson
October 1

Family Practice

A coastal community benefits from generations of care by the Rinehart family
Participants busily at work during The Night of Writing Dangerously. Photograph by Veronica Weber
October 1

Writers Unblocked

Chris Angotti helps writers bring out their (50,000-word) stories