Oregon Quarterly

May 1

Dream on the Green

Carrying golfers' clubs can launch college careers for UO Evans Scholars
May 1

Profile: Anne Godfrey

Professor Anne Godfrey used her travels in coastal New England to steer her towards landscape architecture
May 1

The Best... Burger on Campus

Student cooks a deluxe burger in Hamilton Hall worthy of a five-star restaurant
May 1

A Demolition

Winner of the 15th Annual Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest
May 1

Kesey, Collected

A new book offers a fascinating collection of interviews with Ken Kesey, arguably Oregon's most colorful literary figure
May 1

Pre’s People

Nearly 40 years after Steve Prefontaine's death, the track star's legacy stretches far beyond Hayward Field
May 1

"Mr. Oregon"

Our State's Most Powerful and Least Remembered Leader
May 1

Hoop Dreams on a Roll

 A UO grad turns a life-changing injury into an opportunity to change the lives of others
The March 27, 1964, Anchorage earthquake—which dropped this street some 20 feet below its normal level—was stronger than the 2004 Indian Ocean quake that caused a tsunami responsible for more than 200,000 deaths. Photograph by Bettmann-Corbis-AP images
April 1

Previewing the Big One

Bonnie Henderson helps readers imagine the unimaginable by recalling a monster 1964 Alaskan earthquake and tusnami 
Photograph by National Geographic
April 1

On Top of the World

In 1963, UO alum Luther Jerstad and 17 fellow Americans summited Mount Everest