Oregon Quarterly

American Indian beauty pageant winner, Oregon, 1997. Photograph by William Albert Allard - National Geographic Stock
January 1

Best of the West

Iconic National Geogaphic photographs of the American West on display at the JSMA
Photograph by Lyle Stafford - Times Colonist
January 1

Game for Competition

Successes on both coasts jump-start a 27–year–old's career
Photograph by Jack Liu
January 1

Birds of a Feather

Fed up with billowy running shorts, a competitive runner and marketing whiz hatches a new kind of apparel company
Photograph by John Bauguess
January 1

The Best... 3D Map on Campus

A large relief map of Oregon inspires students and professional cartographers alike
Photograph by Max McDermott
January 1

Profile: Richard York

UO professor of environmental sociology helps students bridge the gap between the physical and social sciences
Group photo from CPS camp #56, Waldport, Oregon, July 25, 1943. Photograph courtesy Bruce Reeves Collection - Lewis and Clark College
January 1

The War at Home

Men who refused to fight in WWII were assigned to Civilian Public Service on the rainy Oregon coast
January 1

Exploring Race; Exploring Identity

A staff member and mother raising children whose racial identity differs from her own get the race conversation going
DeJarnette family farmhouse in Gladys, Virginia. Painting by C. T. Davidson, 1985
January 1

The View from Grandma's House

A student reflects on the passage of time and the rupture in his Thanksgiving traditions
Sex Positive, a new phone application from the University Health Center, provides health-related information about sex targeted at the millennial generation. Photograph courtesy University Health Center
January 1

There's an App for That?

New smartphone software developed by the University Health Center helps covers students, sex and sexuality
Photograph by Reed Saxon
January 1

Risky Business

Does a CEO's free-time behavior affect the company's success?