Oregon Quarterly

Oregon Daily Emerald publisher Ryan Frank '99. Frank is charged with leading the evolution of the organization from a traditional newspaper publishing enterprise to a multimedia endeavor. Photograph by Ivar Vong - Oregon Daily Emerald
July 1

The Oregon "Daily" Emerald

For ninety-two years, the UO’s student newspaper has been a print daily. Beginning this fall, that’s going to change.
Cirque du Soleil performing their touring show Dralion at Matthew Knight Arena, 2011. Photograph courtesy Mike Duncan
July 1

Booking Matt Arena

The man behind the curtain at the UO’s 12,000-seat events facility
Photograph by AP Photo - Wong Maye - E
July 1

Lady Gaga, Sweet Potatoes, and Water Buffalo

Excerpt from Yong Zhao's blog post, "If Lady Gaga Can Be Useful..."
Illustration by Dan Pegoda
July 1

On Beating Steve Prefontaine

The epic tale of how a race to class became one alum's most memorable moment at UO
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art - Detail from Happy Buddha by Ik-Joong Kang, 2007
July 1

Going Global

The UO and its strengthening ties with Asia and the Pacific Rim
Photograph by John Bauguess
July 1

The Best... Bench

A hidden, secluded seat to rest your feet offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of campus
Mister Ooh-La-La performs in the gladiatorial glitz that is professional wrestling as a lint brush-wielding sideman who is often drawn into the fray. Photograph courtesy Mister Ooh-La-La
July 1

Fashion Consultant to the Large and Sweaty

The man behind the moniker: Mister Ooh-La-La talks entertainment and wrestling
Photograph by John Bauguess
July 1

Profile: David Wacks

UO Associate Professor of Spanish helps students tackle the daunting task of translating old literature
Jeff Trinci, founder of TheGroomslist.com. Photograph courtesy Jeff Trinci
July 1

Merchant of Groom

He guides guys through the mysterious rituals of matrimony
Three University of Oregon undergraduates dream big, launching Blue Dog Mead to take honey wine to the masses. (Left to right: Simon Blatz, Chase Drum, Simon Spencer). Photograph by Jack Liu
July 1

The Busy Bees of Brewing

Three students aspire to become mead moguls