Oregon Quarterly

Photograph courtesy Bob Welch
October 1

The Sheer Bigness of the Land

Excerpt from UO alum and professor Bob Welch's book, Cascade Summer: My Adventure on Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail
Stephen Wooten converses with a traditional medicine vendor in the Badalabougou market in Bamako, Mali, September 2011.  Photograph by Tracy Lomax
October 1

"You Make Us Bigger"

Forced to evacuate during Mali’s recent coup, a UO anthropologist reflects on the culture and community he loves
The University of Oregon Marching Band at the Eugene train station to welcome home the basketball team after they won the 1939 NCAA basketball championship. Photograph courtesy UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives
October 1

The Hardest Working Band in (Halftime) Show Business

Like the football team, the Oregon Marching Band leaves everything on the field, or Colorado Boulevard
October 1

We See London

A closer look at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials—Track and Field that were held at Hayward Field
Photograph by Jack Liu
October 1

The Best... Place for a Run

A running trail, created by one of the running world's greatest, provides a cathartic morning ritual
October 1

As News, Tech, and Democracy Evolve

Research sheds light on journalism in the digital age
Jenna Johnson, 2006
October 1

Even Cowgirls Get the Views

An art exhibition at the JSMA showcases the inhabitants of the American West and their ways of life
Photograph by Jack Liu
October 1

Profile: Alexander Dracobly

History professor provides fresh, inventive courses for students to do history rather than just learn it
Photograph courtesy UO Office of Communications
October 1

Michael Gottfredson Appointed President of the University of Oregon

The State Board of Higher Education chooses the respected administrator and criminologist as UO’s seventeenth president
Tom Danowski '83. Photograph courtesy Oregon Wine Board
October 1

Uncorking Opportunity

It’s a tough job, but someone has to promote Oregon’s fine wines