Oregon Quarterly

Scott Vossmeyer '05. Photograph courtesy UO Athletics
October 1

Like a Good Leader...

Risks and rewards for one player in his post-collegiate football career
Channeled Scablands near Wenatchee, Washington, October 1948. Photograph courtesy NOAA Photo Library - Rear Admiral Harley D. Nygren, NOAA Corps (Ret.)
October 1

Uncivilized Silence

Excerpt from Washington’s Channeled Scablands Guide by John Soennichsen '74
October 1

A Simple Country Doctor

A physician finds compassion and community in a rural Oregon town
October 1

Letters to the Editor Autumn 2012

Letters to the editor include correcting Nike and Ducks basketball history, challenges for educators, and praise for the Emerald
July 1

Always a Story: Kenneth O’Connell and the Art of the Sketchbook

A glimpse inside the travel sketchbooks of Kenneth O’Connell, and the connection he inspires between seeing, drawing, and thinking
John Yeon's Aubrey R. Watzek House is considered a pioneering example of Northwest-style modernist architecture. Photograph by Esto
July 1

Spirit of Place

The story of how John Yeon paved the way for Northwest style and the architecture of Oregon today
Photograph CC Edgeplot by-NC-SA 3.0
July 1


The winning essay of the 2012 Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest offers a heartbreaking story of love and longing
Oregon Daily Emerald publisher Ryan Frank '99. Frank is charged with leading the evolution of the organization from a traditional newspaper publishing enterprise to a multimedia endeavor. Photograph by Ivar Vong - Oregon Daily Emerald
July 1

The Oregon "Daily" Emerald

For ninety-two years, the UO’s student newspaper has been a print daily. Beginning this fall, that’s going to change.
Cirque du Soleil performing their touring show Dralion at Matthew Knight Arena, 2011. Photograph courtesy Mike Duncan
July 1

Booking Matt Arena

The man behind the curtain at the UO’s 12,000-seat events facility
Photograph by AP Photo - Wong Maye - E
July 1

Lady Gaga, Sweet Potatoes, and Water Buffalo

Excerpt from Yong Zhao's blog post, "If Lady Gaga Can Be Useful..."