Oregon Quarterly

The middle dipping powder for chef Matt Bennett's "deconstructed pemmican" began as elk sirloin, which he dried and ground in a coffee grinder; beside it on the hawthorn slab are raspberry and strawberry powders from Oregon Freeze Day in Albany.
April 1

Kalapuya Cuisine

Albany chef Matt Bennett debuts camas bulbs and wapato tubers for New York City diners
Photograph by Jack Liu
April 1

Rose to Power

Photos of the Rose Bowl 2012 Championship
Photograph CC Terry Chay by-NC-ND-3.0
April 1

Oregon Patriot in Tough Times

Poet Kim Stafford explores what it means to belong to a place
UO researchers study children's brains and teach kids to overcome obstacles to learning. Photograph by Christina M. Karns
April 1

Rerailing the Brain Train

UO's Brain Development Lab helps underprivileged kids stay focused
Longtime Reed College professor Lloyd Reynolds, MA '29. Photograph courtesy Reed College Library - Reed Digital Collection
April 1

Joy in the Making

How a Northwesterner's love of calligraphy changed the world
Victoria Williams '81 the bingo wheel, picking out a winner. Courtside announcer Don Essig '64, '71, to the right, calls out the numbers. Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

Not Your Everyday, Cookie-Cutter Boosters

The Daisy Ducks enhance student athletes' experiences at the UO
Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

The Best... Place to Nap

If you're in need of peace and quiet, then there's no place like the Taylor Lounge
Photograph by John Bauguess
April 1

Profile: Yvonne Braun

Women's and gender studies professor challenges students to be active in creating the kind of world that they want to have
A group of female friends dressed in men's suits, ca. 1910. Photograph courtesy Minnesota Historical Society
April 1

Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls

An excerpt from Re-Dressing America's Frontier Past, by Peter Boag, PhD '88
Ballet Fantastique's rehearsal for "As You Like It: A Wild West Ballet" with Hannah Bontrager, performed at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Photograph by Greg Burns
April 1

An Oregon Family Takes Center Stage

The trio of women who take pointe at Eugene's dance company, Ballet Fantastique