Oregon Quarterly

Ballet Fantastique's rehearsal for "As You Like It: A Wild West Ballet" with Hannah Bontrager, performed at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Photograph by Greg Burns
April 1

An Oregon Family Takes Center Stage

The trio of women who take pointe at Eugene's dance company, Ballet Fantastique
Photograph by Jack Liu
April 1

Stunned UO Says Goodbye to Lariviere, Welcomes Berdahl Back

Changes in leadership shock the UO community
An international network of scholars works with resolve as time and political instability imperil the long Yemeni tradition of producing, owning, and making marginal comments in texts. Photograph courtesy Princeton University Digital Library
April 1

Preserving Arabic Manuscripts

Scholars scramble to save threatened Yemeni texts
Photograph by Larry Lague - NextSpace Coworking San Francisco
April 1

Workplace Revolution

An alternative office model for a growing mobile workforce is changing the way we work, and is likely coming to a town near you
Photograph courtesy Museum of Natural and Cultural History - Brian Lanker
April 1

Focus on Footwear

Excerpt from "Luther Cressman and the Fort Rock Scandals," an essay by Thomas J. Connolly
April 1

Letters to the Editor Spring 2012

Letters to the editor include ruminations on the life of Narcissa Whitman, shock over the dismissal of President Lariviere, and thoughts on Viatnamese refugees
Chichén Itzá. Photograph CC-by-NC-ND-3.0 Nicolas Karim
January 1

Doomsday or Deliverance?

Folklorist Dan Wojcik examines the Internet-fed frenzy over an ancient Mayan prophecy that says when the world will end
Wyatt Harris in the rural village where he was born near Ma'anshan, an industrial city in eastern China's Anhui provence. Photograph courtesy Wyatt Harris
January 1

Long Journey Home

With luck, determination, and the kindness of strangers, a young man uncovers the mysterious circumstances of his birth
Gentoo penguin, Primavera Station, Antarctica. Photograph by John Postlethwait
January 1

To the End of the Earth

If you want to study Antarctic icefish, you have to go where they live
University of Oregon archaeologist Dennis Jenkins, far right, and fellow researchers excavate the site. Photograph by Paul Baumman and Alton Strupp
January 1

Rediscovering the New World

UO archaeologists are rewriting the history of the Americas with their discoveries in Oregon's Paisley Caves