Oregon Quarterly

Dad's Gate, University of Oregon
October 1

Tough Times, Bold Plan

The UO offers a plan for new governance and financial models to improve student access and stabilize funding
Photo by Jack Liu
October 1

A Risk Worth Taking?

A look at the hopes and challenges of the UO's proposal for a new relationship with the state
October 1

Getting in the Game

Young journalist Cali Bagby and her experience embedded with Oregon troops in Iraq
October 1

2020 Vision

Preparing the campus to meet the changing needs of students
Photo cc 02-Night Owl City-by-nc-sa-2
October 1

The Measure of Success

UO physicists explore whether high SAT and ACT scores translate to success in university classes 
Photo courtesy Jeanne LeDuke
October 1

Not by the Numbers

On her own unconventional path, Jeanne LaDuke details the early history of women in American mathematics
Photograph by Jack Liu
October 1

Finding the Right Balance

Two daring musicians find the right creative, collaborative atmosphere at the UO to pursue their risky and challenging music
October 1

Frisky Fruits and Voluptuous Vegetables

Photographer delights in the sumptuous glory of gardens
October 1

Bass Ducks Cast for Big Bucks

Fishing enthusiasts take to new college sport hook, line, and sinker
Sorority members lend a hand on University Day.
October 1

Giving a Hand, Gaining Experience

The Holden Leadership Center helps teach students compassion through community service and civic engagement