Oregon Quarterly

January 1

Slavery Then and Now

Excerpt from journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book about the worldwide oppression of women
Nicole Spellman, St. Margaret of Scotland
January 1

Iconic Inspiration

Teacher develops innovative approach to help students live what they learn
Jacksonville gallows used to hang Lewis O'Neal in 1886
January 1

Infamous Last Words

What would you say with your head in a noose?
Illustration by Dan Pegoda
January 1

A Duck Walks into a Bar...

Oregon faithful—and one especially fluffy fan—gather in San Francisco
January 1

Profile: Mark Unno

Associate professor of religious studies emphasizes teaching about religion, not teaching religion itself
Inside student contributors to the Summer 2010 issue of Turned Inside-Out
January 1

Inside Inside-Out

Program takes students, teachers, and opportunity to the Oregon penitentiary
The Lewis and Clark River near Astoria. Photo by Michael Cornelius
January 1

Little Things So Big

Excerpt from Brian Doyle's novel, Mink River, set in a fictional town on the Oregon Coast
January 1

The Crossing Guard

UO research professor creates themed crossword puzzles for The New York Times
Photo courtesy Center on Teaching and Learning Reading Clinic
January 1

Teach Your Children Well

College of Education's Reading Clinic of the Center on Teaching and Learning a huge benefit for community
Two boys sitting inside the Willamette meteorite at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, 1911. Photo courtesy American Museum of Natural History/New York Times
January 1

Heaven on Earth

The life trajectory of the famed Willamette meteorite and its twin in orbit