Oregon Quarterly

Peg Rees, Sue Wieseke, and Wendy Polhemus display their long-delayed letters. Photograph by Isaac Viel
October 1


Former UO women athletes receive their long-delayed letters from the univeristy
Codevelopers of enhanced genome sequencing technique Eric Johnson and Michael Miller, along with Floragenex CEO Nathan Lillegard. Photograph by John Bauguess
October 1

Fast-Forwarding Mendel

UO researchers invent a key to quickly unlock DNA
These four images by Portland artist Gwenn Seemel were part of her Pecha Kucha presentation that explored the challenges of artistic creation. Can you find the differences? Paintings by Gwenn Seemel
October 1

Thinking Inside the Box

Sharing stories, passions, and projects by way of Pecha Kucha
The Matthew Knight Arena is home to lots of sports action, but has also provided a large-capacity entertainment venue for a variety of shows. Photograph by John Bauguess
October 1

A Gleaming Campus Gateway

Three new buildings transform the edge of campus into a model of innovation and progress
Photograph courtesy Barbara Altmann
October 1

Profile: Barbara Altmann

French professor strives to convince college students the Middle Ages matter through poetry
Tim Clevenger with his daughter, Delaney; wife, Lisa; son, Carson. Photograph courtesy Tim Clevenger
October 1

The Man with the Plan

Tim Clevenger takes the helm at the UO Alumni Association
Photograph by Dale Wittner–People Weekly
October 1

Built for Comfort

Making the world a cozier place one piece of pillow furniture at a time
Photograph courtesy Art Kicks
October 1

Fashion-Forward Footwear

Ordinary sneakers become intricate, personalized kicks thanks to two UO alumni and their custom shoe-art business
Photograph CC Dan Brian G. Gerona by-3.0
October 1

So Bad It's Good

Duck pens worst line of the year
Photograph by Izzy Kramer and Elisabeth Kramer
October 1

Clean Fights

Cleaning the kitchen and WWE wrestling help a mother and son cope with loss