Oregon Quarterly

January 21

Google's Stephen Gillett is Gamer, On and Off the Field

World of Warcraft wizard and former Duck footballer Stephen Gillett cites lessons learned in leadership and the tech industry
January 21

Eugene Ballet and Greg Ahlijian Team Up for Jasper Mountain Youth

Artist and arborist Greg Ahlijian finds his calling in serving at-risk youth at the Jasper Mountain treatment center
January 21

Ellie Bartlett Hoodoo Ski Day Supports Oregon Adaptive Sports

An upcoming ski day celebrates and remembers a champion for people with disabilities
Three members of the 1897 climbing expedition on their way to the summit of Mount Rainier
January 21

Death on Mount Rainier: Edgar McClure Was A Climber and Chemist

Edgar McClure was a leader on campus in Eugene and on research expeditions
Economics professor Whitelaw—master of the multiple-choice quiz—was profiled in the Autumn issue
January 21

Letters to the Editor Winter 2020

Winter writers extolled the virtues of economics professor Ed Whitelaw and a memorable alumna
January 21

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October 2

Astronomy Research: An Asteroid Revealed

From star-gazing to asteroid-chasing, the UO astronomical facility offers a constellation of adventures
October 2

Biology Major Recruits Hogs to Help Hazelnuts

Tiny worms threaten Oregon's prolific hazelnut production. And only pigs can stop them. 
October 2

Helping the Homeless through Anthropology

A student's interviews with homeless women put a human face on a national dilemma
Hernandez (left), learns testing techniques at the elbow of experts such as ment
October 2

Knight Campus Puts Students on Fast Research Track

New research programs allow undergraduates to work with mentors in prestigious UO labs