Oregon Quarterly

Photograph CC Nick Castonguay by-NC-SA 3.0
January 1

Diet for a Small Plant

Excerpt from an article by Ronald Bailey about the results of a statewide survey regarding consumption
Collective members Chris Anderson (left), Stephanie Lenox (center), and Cecelia Hagen. Photograph by Bonnie Henderson
January 1

To Publish, Redefined

A poetry press rooted in the Willamette Valley is not your typical publishing house
Judge Joshua Jones Walton Jr. Photograph courtesy Lane County Historical Society
January 1

The Waltons

Memorial to a UO founder and his family to be preserved in granite
Photograph courtesy Martha Clarkson
January 1

The Best Laid Plans

A pair of surprises for a quarter-century celebration
January 1

Letters to the Editor Winter 2011

Letters to the editor include praise for the Hoedads, debates on education, and an appreciation for UO and OQ diversity
Dad's Gate, University of Oregon
October 1

Tough Times, Bold Plan

The UO offers a plan for new governance and financial models to improve student access and stabilize funding
Photo by Jack Liu
October 1

A Risk Worth Taking?

A look at the hopes and challenges of the UO's proposal for a new relationship with the state
October 1

Getting in the Game

Young journalist Cali Bagby and her experience embedded with Oregon troops in Iraq
October 1

2020 Vision

Preparing the campus to meet the changing needs of students
Photo cc 02-Night Owl City-by-nc-sa-2
October 1

The Measure of Success

UO physicists explore whether high SAT and ACT scores translate to success in university classes