Oregon Quarterly

comics studies cartoon of science research
April 7

Comics Studies Program is Drawn to Science

Researchers and students from the UO’s first-in-the-nation comics studies minor illustrate complex ideas
Empowering Through Education: UO's Prison Education Program
April 7

Empowering the Incarcerated through Education

UO Prison Education Program provides new opportunities for personal growth among students and incarcerated Oregonians
Adrian Parr, the new Dean of the UO College of Design
April 7

Adrian Parr: An Explorer by Design

Adrian Parr will help the UO flex its imagination in the pursuit of environmental and social justice
Kara Clevinger, via Zoom
April 7

Kara Clevinger, of English, on Remote Teaching and Wawa Pretzels

Kara Clevinger guided peers through a redesign of classes, and admits a fondness for snacks
Anne Helen Petersen, MA '07 (English)
April 7

Anne Helen Petersen and the "Burnout Generation"

Anne Helen Petersen's viral Buzzfeed essay led her to redefine what it means to be a Millennial
Alumna Namratha Somayajula shines in her work for the Human Rights Watch
April 7

Human Rights Watch Fits International Studies Graduate

Namratha Somayajula's lifelong interest in human rights leads to a career in advocacy
Photographer Mason Trinca photographed protests in Portland in summer 2020
April 7

Mason Trinca: Black Lives Matter Protests Behind, Wildfires Ahead

Last summer was dangerous for documentary photographer Mason Trinca. This summer will be the same.
Greg Walden, former U.S. Representative
April 7

Greg Walden: A Friend Leaves the House

Now retired, former US Representative and alumnus Greg Walden has a future of skiing, kayaking, and camping ahead of him
Alumna Talisa Shevavesh works to build a model
April 7

Modeler Shaping Up with ZGF Architects

Talisa Shevavesh's work in building models sheds light on the highly anticipated new PDX airport
A group of Roseburg students circa 1959
April 7

Duck Tale: Eisenhower, Hoover, the Soviet Union and Grade Schoolers

New book from UO students highlights a connection between Russia and Oregon at the height of the Cold War