Oregon Quarterly

The Duck crowd surfing
April 14

The Duck has a secret life? You bet, and here's the story

For someone who never speaks, the longtime UO mascot has quite a few tales to tell
April 14

Shooting Star

The story of Sabrina Ionescu, the best NCAA basketball player ... ever?
Crowd of protestors with signs supporting law enforcement
April 14

Geographer Peter Walker on the Malheur Occupation

The brave resilience of Harney County residents in opposition to the Malheur occupation could be a model of community building 
April 14

Remembering Jim Bartko and Boy in the Mirror

Jim Bartko sought to free himself from the sexual abuse he suffered and to help other survivors
April 14

Faculty Profile: Nick Kohler, Geography

Geography professor shares how interactions with the outdoors are the best, and only, way to study the natural world
April 14

Hospital Serves Victims of Obstetric Fistula in Uganda

An architecture alumna helps give hope to women suffering from obstetric fistula, a debilitating condition
April 14

Game On: Five Sides to UO Esports

The University of Oregon and other campuses are upping their game to meet student demand for competitive video gaming
Gary Clement
April 14

Duck Tale: John Frohnmayer and the Long Game in Golf, Life

What lessons could a golf caddy learn? You don't have to play the game to see what it reveals of human nature
Frank  and his prize winning wings
April 14

Frank Hartigan's Szechuan Pepper-Salt Wings

Check out this recipe from the Hamilton Hall cook who took second-place in the Tyson Foods College and University Wings Contest
April 14

Letters to the Editor Spring 2020

Thoughts from readers regarding our Winter 2020 issue, featuring forestry debates, Ducks football, and studies abroad.