Oregon Quarterly

Painting of a Viking feast
October 2

Medieval Studies and the Viking Feast

A passion for the middle ages manifests as an examination of the all-purpose Viking feast
October 2

Profile: Ed Whitelaw, Professor Emeritus, Economics

After 52 years of teaching at the UO,  Ed Whitelaw shows no signs of slowing down
Finding Poetry for "Her"
October 2

Finding "Her" in Feminist Poetry

Translating the works of Forugh Farrokhzad and other female poets leads to a unique career path
October 2

Ethnic Studies: A Chinese Adoptee Examines "Otherness"

A Chinese adoptee explores otherness within a family that is loving but different
October 2

Psychology Major Studies Mental Health in Ghana

Tracking the stigmatization of mental illness across Africa
October 2

Broadway House Jazz Jams Turn 10

Philosophy professor & musician shares history of the famed Broadway House concert series
October 2

Biochemistry Graduate Shines at Advanced BioCatalytics

A command of the scientific method serves cancer therapies, stem-cell treatments, and agriculture
October 2

Biology Graduates Bond at the National Institutes of Health

Anisha Adke and Zoë Wong bonded over biology. Now they're research fellows at the National Institute of Health.
October 2

Set Apart, and Soaring

A mother’s nontraditional path through college ends with self-acceptance
October 2

Letters to the Editor Autumn 2019

The summer issue's 100th-anniversary feature on UO heroes prompted plenty of feedback