Oregon Quarterly

June 1

Profile: Brandy Todd

Slug Queen of Eugene runs a science summer program to help keep young girls excited about STEM
June 1

The Best...Summer Job

Student Orientation Programs director Abigail Mizera takes on the task of welcoming 4,500 incoming students
June 1

Bridging the Gulf

Two families, from cultures half a world apart, find common values at Oregon
June 1

Passport for Young Explorers

Kevin Frazier is realizing his vision for Portland children to discover the wonders of their home state
June 1

Jernstedt Spices Up the 50th

Basketball Hall of Fame keynote speaker highlights the Class of ’67 reunion coming in September
June 1

Still...After 50 Years

A reflection of the acts of love and resistance in the 1960s and how it still applies today
June 1

Up, Up, and Away

Stamps Scholars program doubles its UO commitment to include five scholarships for out-of-state freshmen
June 1

Head and Heart

Professor Paul Slovic is on a quest to make compassion count and keep people caring
June 1

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March 1

Letters to the Editor Spring 2017

Letters include a professor's kindness and a call for inclusivity