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Latinx Heritage Month poster
October 6

Latinx Heritage Month: Different look, but the same heart

It's still a celebration, even if the coronavirus pandemic means some changes
July 15

Science and Sacred Monkeys

A sacred monkey in Ghana helps a grad student gain insights into the gut microbiome and human health
Abstract illustration of curved lines suggesting waves
May 11

May at the UO marks Asian Desi Pacific Island Heritage Month

Even with campus mostly quiet, the UO honors its student and staff communities
College of Design illusration
May 7

College of Design offers students a chance to map their futures

Find a place where learning and creativity happen through research and innovation
The Duck crowd surfing
April 14

The Duck has a secret life? You bet, and here's the story

For someone who never speaks, the longtime UO mascot has quite a few tales to tell
April 14

Shooting Star

The story of Sabrina Ionescu, the best NCAA basketball player ... ever?
Man in a kayak taking a photo of a glacier
February 26

SOJC students are learning to tell the story of climate change

Students witness a warming planet firsthand in the SOJC’s experiential learning program
Japanese senjafuda drawing
February 21

Check out the UO's strange menagerie of Japanese senjafuda

These small, woodblock prints were made by pilgrims as a kind of devotional graffiti
Students at Black Cultural Center
January 29

Black History Month: A time to reflect, and to look ahead

A long list of events will offer opportunities to learn, experience and understand
January 21

Dave Depper and Death Cab for Cutie

How Death Cab for Cutie’s Dave Depper ran to rock stardom