Quack Chats

July 4
Historian Vera Keller will talk about how research came about in a July 10 Quack Chat
June 6
Biologist Kelly Sutherland thinks the way jellies swim could be a model for new underwater vehicles
May 17
Geologist Emilie Hooft will talk about the plumbing that allows magma to reach the surface
May 3
Professor Atika Khurana will challenge the stereotype that all teens struggle to manage impulses
April 26
Psychology professor Jennifer Pfeifer will talk about how the adolescent brain changes over time
April 5
English and folklore professor Martha Bayless will show that the Middle Ages could be fun
March 15
UO biologist Annie Zemper will dive into gut science and seek to make the topic less squeamish for everyday conversations
February 14
Field trips in Eastern Oregon led by Greg Retallack helped put dinosaurs into the state’s past
February 1
Geographer Jim Meacham has helped produce breakthrough, award-winning maps and atlases
January 17
Daniel Lowd will talk about his research on artificial intelligence at the Jan. 23 Quack Chats pub talk