Quack Chats

Chemist Christopher Hendon will give the low-down on how to make great coffee every time
Human physiologist Andrew Lovering talks about a common heart defect in a Dec. 12 Quack Chat
David Tyler will tell how chemists are looking to make plastic packaging from renewable sources
Jim Hutchison will reveal how four basic ingredients can be turned into a myriad of beer styles
Alison Gash will give a Quack Chats talk about partisanship and its possible effect on democracy
UO prof Alisa Freedman will talk about the birth of emoji in the next Quack Chat pub talk Oct. 10
Historian Mark Carey will dig into the cultural aspects involved with floating chunks of ice
Grant McDermott will talk about how his work is delivering a clearer picture on global fisheries
Research professor Cassandra Moseley will look at the causes and solutions to increased fire
In the lab of biologist Phil Washbourne, zebrafish are opening a new window on gene mutations