Quack Chats

June 8
Law school’s Erik Girvan will tackle unfounded assumptions in thinking and how to move past them
May 18
Biologist Diana Libuda will talk about DNA and sperm development in a May 23 Quack Chat
May 4
Earth sciences professor Josh Roering is learning about ancient and potential landslides with lasers fired from the sky
April 20
Finance professor Stephen McKeon will talk bitcoins and blockchain in the April 25 Quack Chat
April 6
UO physicist Raghuveer Parthasarathy will give a Quack Chats talk April 11 at the Ax Billy Grill
April 6
Runs on three April and May weekends will again offer the chance to exercise bodies and minds
March 15
Professor Mike Raymer will talk about the development and potential of quantum computing
March 2
Political science professor Joe Lowndes will talk about changes in the party since the rise of Trump
February 16
Professor Gordon Sayre will talk about car culture in the Feb. 21 Quack Chat at the Ax Billy Grill
February 1
Valentine's Day is a good time to recognize the good and identify where you want a relationship to go, says UO educator Tiffany Brown