Research and Innovation

UO physicist John Toner works on an equation
November 12

A short equation delivers a big award for a UO physicist

With a UO job offer waiting, John Toner helped lay the foundation for research on active matter
Andrea Belz
November 8

NSF innovation director to share funding opportunities

Andrea Belz will discuss translational grants and technology transfer at her Nov. 13 visit
Kevin Dicus at a dig in Rome
November 8

2020 Faculty Research Awards program announced

Proposals for the annual research funding grants are due by Jan. 10
Blockchain illustration
November 4

Campus talk zeroes in on blockchain’s potential to disrupt

The Nov. 6 event is part of the Innovation to Impact speaker series
David Sokoloff with secondary teachers in Indonesia
November 4

UO prof recognized for his physics education research

American Association of Physics Teachers honors David Sokoloff with the 2020 Oersted Medal
Man sick in bed
October 28

Researchers suggest that the feeling of being ill is an emotion

Visible and internal signs of being sick may serve a purpose, say UO anthropologists
Hawai’i’s Kiīlauea volcano
October 25

Volcanologist jams to the beat of the Earth's drummer

Leif Karlstrom's Volcano Listening Project creates music taken from eruption data
Colonies of bacteria in a zebrafish gut
October 24

Low-dose antibiotic alters bacteria behavior in zebrafish gut

UO team finds why common antibiotics cause drops in gut bacterial populations
Images of a nebula and neuron
October 21

A new initiative, ArtSci Oregon, celebrates science as art

A trio of UO researchers created the program to help explain research to a broad audience
Leslie Leve
October 21

Multiyear research awards, grants rose 70 percent in 2018-19

Overall, the university brought in $3 milllion more than last year in grants and contracts