Research and Innovation

Nanomia bijuga, a relative of jellyfish
June 6

Pub talk to dive into the idea of jellyfish-inspired submersibles

Biologist Kelly Sutherland thinks the way jellies swim could be a model for new underwater vehicles
Calin Plesa
June 5

New Knight Campus hire known for large-scale gene synthesis

Biologist and nanoscientist Calin Plesa, currently at UCLA, will join the Knight Campus this summer
Helen Neville
May 31

Lecture and book to honor Helen Neville’s brain research

Physician and neuroscientist Robert T. Knight of UC Berkeley will speak at a June 7 public lecture
Damage to a church in Chile following an April 2016 earthquake
May 30

UO-led study finds early indicator of an earthquake’s magnitude

In a eureka moment, researchers find pattern emerging 10 seconds into GPS earthquake data
Symposium discussion session
May 30

Resilience seed funding will support research collaborations

A new interdisciplinary initiative is aimed at addressing major social-environmental problems
Possible layouts of fractal carpeting are being tested in Willamette Hall's Paul Olum Atrium
May 22

New carpeting will have people walking on fractals

New York’s Design Week previews ‘next generation’ flooring based on UO research
A photo from the cover of UO philosophy professor Colin Koopman’s book “How We Became Our Data: A Genealogy of the Informational Person,” which explores the history of data tracking technologies used over time, and the emergence of mass-scale data systems
May 21

New seed funding will support efforts in data science

It is part of an initiative to integrate, enhance and expand the program throughout the university
Nicki Swann talks with students in her human physiology lab
May 21

UO-led study finds angles in raw EEG data point to Parkinson’s

In Nicole Swann’s lab, a fresh analysis of unfiltered beta waves finds clues that may eventually help both diagnosis and treatment
Christof Koch
May 16

Consciousness pioneer to deliver inaugural Mind/Brain Lecture

Christof Koch, of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, will speak May 31 in Straub Hall
Graduate Research Forum
May 13

Graduate students will share research at 10th annual event

The campus community is invited to attend Graduate Research Forum on May 17 in the EMU