Research and Innovation

Zebrafish in a tank
December 14

OQ: Boyle gift will help unwind the secrets of genetic codes

The $10 million investment is giving UO research a vital boost
Image shows a researcher inside an experimental plot in Minnesota
December 14

UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon

Preliminary results from a research site in Minnesota suggests that carbon and methane deep in peat may withstand warming climate
Morgan Freeman on stage at the Breakthrough/New Horizons award ceremony (Image credit: Getty Images for Breakthrough Prizes).
December 13

Math professor Ben Elias brings New Horizons prize to the UO

The new award is part of an effort to spotlight exciting research
Image shows Brennan O'Connell examining rock layers along the lower Colorado River
December 9

Signs of ocean tides may change view of early Colorado River

UO researchers say sedimentary rocks along the river's lower valley point to a more northward reach of the Gulf of California
UO physicist Jim Brau
December 7

Brau to help lead international effort on next-generation collider

The new device would be an important tool for understanding the universe
Image shows bicycles in Amsterdam
December 6

Researchers will advance bicycling as part of new national center

Two related UO projects benefit from federal funding for a UO-affiliated consortium
President Michael H. Schill at the announcement of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact
December 2

Knight Campus briefing caps first full board meeting in Portland

Patrick Phillips describes how the game-changing initiative will benefit the basic sciences, speed new advances and create a new way of educating students
Photo shows experimental plots used at Harvard Forest in Massachusetts as part of the PNAS study
December 1

UO helps in probe of how warming will affect carbon in soils

Studying potential climate change effects on Pacific Northwest grasslands leads to global collaborations
Ice and associated algae in the central basin of Lake Erie in 2008
November 28

Ice atop lakes doesn't necessarily freeze the life down under

UO's Aaron Galloway, a marine biologist, was on an international team that captured the strongest look yet of life under frozen lakes
Damage from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami
November 24

Flat faults, like Cascadia, spark giant quakes, says UO team

Researcher turns to geometry to study the largest faults and why they cause really big ones