Research and Innovation

David Conover
June 29

David Conover wraps up his tenure as the UO's research chief

During his term, he oversaw research and innovation activities during a period of growth
Pine Mountain Observatory at night
June 24

Gifts will help Pine Mountain Observatory reach for the stars

Funding from The Roundhouse Foundation will make it a powerful remote learning tool
A singing canary
June 18

Birdsong offers clues to the workings of short-term memory

Work by a Knight Campus scientist could spur advances in AI and disease therapies
The SPRUCE study site
June 15

UO-led study finds warming peat may boost greenhouse gases

An ongoing study shows how whole-ecosystem warming may affect climate change
Biologist Karen Guillemin
June 3

Biologist pursues microbes in quest to unlock health secrets

Karen Guillemin wants to know how the microbiome works, both for and against us
Two sea otters
June 2

UO research explores how Native Americans used sea otters

Some traditional practices are being studied as the reintroduced mammals threaten fishing
Colobus monkeys
May 26

Sacred monkeys in Ghana aid research on the gut microbiome

A sacred monkey in Ghana helps a UO grad student understand the gut microbiome
Magnified view of a copepod
May 19

A tiny crustacean’s speedy propeller is caught on video

UO marine biologists see how copepods use bursts of speed to escape predators
May 18

New study looks at pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Early results show increased signs of anxiety for pregnant women and new parents
Seafloor cables
May 14

Research probes repercussions of seafloor activity on society

A natural environmental disaster could put society’s reliance on the internet at risk