Research Briefs

See the links below for summaries of some of the latest development from the UO’s research community. More in-depth research news is available on the Academic and Research web page.

Barbara Muraca and her colleagues argue for a shift from short-term to sustainable values
The $500,000 award will help enhance post-fire social and ecological recovery
She is one of 13 named to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine panel
Reza Rejaie is recognized by the Association for Computing Machinery
Experts explain why age 10 to 13 is a critical time to support youth in online safety
Raymond Frey and Richard Taylor are named American Physical Society fellows
Research from Ilya Bindeman’s lab analyzes oxygen in rocks to untangle Earth’s history
A new paper argues for re-centering Caribbean perspectives in research on the region
The scholarship rewards research into composers from underrepresented backgrounds
Musicologist Zachary Wallmark, colleagues are exploring the evolutionary origin of music