Robert D. Clark Honors College

Rachel Grant and Michael Enseki-Frank, UO honors students
October 29

UO honors students speak at international ethics meeting

The students were recently named Carnegie Ethics Fellows for the Future and are among 23 fellows representing eight countries.
October 13

Media call on Professor David Frank for commentary on the gun debate

Journalists sought out Frank in the wake of mass shootings to get his perspective on the president's evolving approach to the issue. 
Patrick Kirch
October 2

Museum talks dive into island and coastal archaeology

French Polynesia, underwater archaeology and Easter Island's past are the topics for the annual Fall Archaeology Lecture Series.
Kelly Sutherland of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
September 1

UO-led research suggests underwater vehicles with jellyfish propulsion

OIMB's Kelly Sutherland and colleagues detail how a colonial jelly uses multiple jets to move and turn rapidly, especially when seeking food.
Kelly Sutherland of the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology and Clark Honors College
September 1

Could tiny jellyfish propulsion drive design of new underwater craft?

University of Oregon oceanographer and colleagues detail how multiple jets guide jellies speedily through the water in search of prey.
Liz Zarro, UO Class of 2015
June 16

UO grad Liz Zarro plans a career helping people through product design

UO graduate Liz Zarro went from dancing to design at the UO, and now hopes to use what she’s learned to make people’s lives better.
Lisa Freinkel, Mark Carey and Katie Heidt
June 1

Excellence in Advising Awards celebrated

Mark Carey of the Clark Honors College and Katie Heidt of the Teaching and Learning Center are this year's honorees.
April 28

Ancient Easter Island hats rolled into place, says UO undergrad

A presentation by Clark Honors College student Sean Hixon captures media coverage around the world.
UO history professor Vera Keller
April 27

Vera Keller, Honors College history professor, wins Ryskamp Fellowship

The award will help Keller finish a book on Cornelis Drebbel, the 17th century Dutch inventor of the submarine.