Robert D. Clark Honors College

August 18

UO biologist makes splash in National Geographic jellyfish query

UO biologist Kelly Sutherland was among the experts queried to find out why so many beaches seem to be overrun by jellyfish
August 11

Archivist Jennifer O'Neal receives national diversity award

O'Neal is a leader in the Oregon Tribal Archives Institute and previously held positions at the Smithsonian, Princeton and the State Department
July 3

In a Clark Honors College course, the bread dough did rise

"Bread 101" was offered spring quarter as an experimental colloquium and it was clear the course had not been a half-baked idea
June 11

Honors College students perform to fundraise for Civic Stadium

Today is the second of a two-day theatrical performance by Clark Honors College students to help preserve Eugene’s Civic Stadium.
May 21

Vera Keller awarded fellowship at U.Va. Rare Book School

The three-year award includes advanced studies in critical bibliography at the University of Virginia
April 17

Clark Honors College historian Keller cited in Nautilus

Nautilus writer Steven Ashley prominently quotes historian Vera Keller in an article focusing on Renaissance inventor Cornelis Drebbel
April 16

UO’s first Truman Scholar in 22 years aims for public service career

Andrew Lubash already knew he wanted a career helping others, but he didn’t expect to get so much help himself along the way
March 26

Clark Honors College Stern fellows travel to Oxford over spring break

Nineteen undergraduate students from the UO attend an Oxford workshop on dispute resolution and the Syrian conflict
March 19

Chicken DNA bones up theory on Polynesian settlement

Study co-authored by UO's Hunt: Prehistoric chicken bones suggest human migration from Southeast Asian to South Pacific
March 6

Recipients to use UO's 2014 Faculty Research Awards to buoy studies

The 21 recipients of UO Faculty Research Awards will use the funding on travel, supplies, research assistance and more