Robert D. Clark Honors College

December 18

UO professor teams up with University of Texas colleague to study effects of climate change in Peru

As Oregon football prepares to face Texas in the Alamo Bowl, collaboration between researchers is helping explain the effects of climate change in Peru.
August 8

University of Hawaii's Hunt named dean of UO honors college

Archaeologist Terry Hunt directed the UH Honors Program
June 18

Quintin Kreth named an Oregon “Inspirational Leader”

Quintin Kreth is forging new paths, leaving impressive tracks for others to follow.
June 13

Oregon’s top achievers flock to UO

More of the Portland metro area’s top “Academic Achievers” will flock to the UO than to any other univ
June 6

Research Excellence Awards go to six faculty members

The breadth and depth of discovery at the University of Oregon was highlighted at a recent ceremony celebrating the 2013 Research Excellence Awards.
May 30

Honors College gets an overhaul

When the Robert D.
April 29

2013 UO Research Excellence Award recipients announced

Six faculty have been named winners of the 2013 UO Research Excellence Awards, sponsored by the Office for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education
March 31

Twin events at UO feature experts on climate change

Climate change is a multi-faceted crisis, experts agree – and so is the University of Oregon’s response.
March 18

Oregon researchers synthesize negative-charge carrying molecular structures

University of Oregon chemists have synthesized organic molecular structures that move both positive and negative electrical charges.
March 14

Roller derby contact leads to mixing of teams' skin microbes

A new study by University of Oregon researchers has taken contact sport to a new – and very scientific – level.