Robert D. Clark Honors College

February 22
He will visit with students in the Clark Honors College and hold a public reading at the library
January 11
The new dean of the Clark Honors College taught at Harvard University and the University of Cambridge
January 9
Gabe Paquette discusses his coming book, the honors college and the value of liberal arts
November 26
Restore Oregon gave the project its DeMuro Award in recognition for its interior restoration
November 21
Faculty members from across campus are welcome to submit a proposal by Dec. 19
November 5
Dino bones are rarely found in Oregon, which was underwater for most of the dinosaur age
October 3
From the lab to the coast to the brain and even a virtual world, a new fellowship fuels exciting journeys in undergraduate research
October 3
Monks could aid in conservation of the revered cats and help save them from extinction
October 3
Carrie Bradshaw vs. Tony Soprano—what's the big difference between the two?
October 3
Challenging path through undergraduate research ends with career in health care