School of Journalism and Communication

Breaking Barriers: Women in government
March 7

Breaking Barriers: Women in government

UO alumnae have held key positions in national, international, state and local positions, creating a legacy of women in public service
Doctor talking with patient
March 7

Study finds bias in how doctors talk to Black, female patients

An SOJC professor analyzed 1.8 million medical records and found systemic differences
Zaria Parvezad
February 24

Alumni Profile: Zaria Parvez, creator of Duolingo’s TikTok owl

Now the company's social media coordinator, she is a 2020 SOJC graduate
Bryce Newell holding a body camera
February 21

Media studies professor probes use of police body cameras

The SOJC's Bryce Newell has put his research on the issue into a new book
Polly Irungu
February 17

UO alumna to take part in panel on diversity in photography

Polly Irungu, a 2017 grad, is the founder of Black Women Photographers
Man throwing money in air
January 21

Good at math? Then money may influence your satisfaction

People better with numbers had the highest life satisfaction when they had high incomes
Bike-riding couple on UO campus
December 29

UO experts offer some New Year's climate-change resolutions

From hopping on a bike to instilling hope in young people, try these everyday steps
Maxwell Foxman in the School of Journalism and Communication (credit: Cheyenne Thorpe, BS ’19
December 19

Maxwell Foxman Examines "The Elephant in the Zoom"

Virtual meeting spaces aren’t as inclusive as we’d like to think, and researchers aim to expose the inequities
SOJC student shoots footage on the Sheridan glacier in Alaska
December 14

SOJC documentary program connects students to filmmakers

Professional guidance from masters of the craft is a cornerstone of the classes
Tired woman watching Zoom meeting
December 10

Professor to probe the toll of virtual interaction at workplaces

The SOJC's Maxwell Foxman received a $1.15 million NSF grant to study 'Zoom fatigue'