School of Journalism and Communication

May 18
Drawing from experts across campus, a team is helping craft clear messaging on the virus
May 13
Two new papers by SOJC faculty members highlight the benefits and limits of VR
May 6
Tim Gleason has announced his plans to retire and step down from the post
May 5
The UO's Ellen Peters offers tips to keep you from tripping up on the swirl of numbers
May 3
Researchers and scholars from a range of disciplines receive support funding
April 21
The breadth and scope of its environmental programs make the university a national leader
April 12
The grants are prioritized for projects likely to secure future external funding
April 12
Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Donnalyn Pompper and Leilani Sabzalian are honored
April 7
Last summer was dangerous for documentary photographer Mason Trinca. This summer will be the same.
April 7
Now retired, former US Representative and alumnus Greg Walden has a future of skiing, kayaking, and camping ahead of him