School of Law

August 21
Mary Wood's pioneering legal approach was at the heart of the landmark climate case
August 11
Michael Fakhri is the food law expert for the United Nations — and an avid backyard gardener
July 12
The digital mag offers tips to ‘Live Life Better’ and a look back at a classic gridiron game
June 30
Their range of projects contribute to the initiative’s efforts for a just and livable future
May 15
The celebration begins at 1 p.m., Saturday, May 20, at Matthew Knight Arena
May 12
The free legal assistance helps students make educated decisions on contract offers
May 3
The May 11 forum features views from philosophy, computer science and law school faculty members
April 24
Signage, building names and other details are part of an ongoing spring update
February 27
A seminar class gets hands-on learning experience, and deeper perspectives on history
February 16
The program awards up to $50,000 to promising University of Oregon research teams