School of Law

December 15
Kristen Bell uses data science to identify discrepancies in prisoner releases
November 15
Ron Greenman and his wife, Linda, are giving $1 million to boost the law school program
November 8
The UO's Marcilynne Burke and Kimberly Johnson are featured in PAC-12 lecture series
November 2
Researchers are uncertain that international diplomacy will lead to quick action
October 11
C. Nicole Mason is president and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research
September 30
Ninety percent of Ducks passed, compared to an overall rate of 84 percent
September 22
More universities are investing with climage change in mind, UO law professor writes
September 17
Shawna Heurgue has always helped others, and two UO degrees will let her do even more
September 9
Funded by a gift from Lorry Lokey, the 2021 awards had the most recipients since 2007
September 3
Faculty members from several schools and colleges will take part in the studies