School of Law

November 25
Robin Morris Collin says reparations in some form are needed to effect change
November 9
Services will be provided remotely this spring, offering help to more-distant clients
November 6
Vesla Weaver is the final speaker in the Morse Center's 20th anniversary celebration
October 29
Jeffery Beaver created a scholarship fund for underrepresented, disadvantaged students
October 28
New research is essential to reimagining how legal and social structures provide justice
October 22
A new grant supports an estate planning program for the African American community
October 22
The co-founder of will discuss online deception and confusion in politics
October 13
Eric Holder will give a virtual address as part of the center's 20th anniversary
October 12
Law prof says she may be a wild card when it comes to the rights of individual workers
October 12
It is the first time a single article won awards from two sections of the law school group