UO Libraries

August 7
She created the popular radio and TV series 'Ethel and Albert' and broke new ground for women
July 24
For the first time in decades, scholars and students will have full access to the material
June 28
Weeklong workshops focused on inclusive, engaged and research-led teaching
May 28
She will become dean of libraries at the University of Maryland, and will leave UO on July 8
May 6
Large screens and videoconferencing technology are accessible in all spaces throughout the lab
March 28
Hundreds of faculty and staff members will see changes to their UO email accounts
March 27
The work of Beatrice Morrow Cannady is part of the digitized archives of The Advocate newspaper
March 26
Innovation Beat will keep readers up to date on the UO's newest lab-to-market research
March 18
Faculty and students come together to discuss the 'how' of teaching, not just the 'what'
March 15
Faculty and staff members should encourage students to apply