August 15
Post-launch improvements to Duck ID Account Management start mid-August
August 15
The new plan gives UO employees a paid leave option for specific types of absences
August 14
Engineers and technicians on campus will run 5 cycles to test the system’s resiliency
August 11
The seed funding program recognizes proposals that promote a just and livable future
August 11
The UO Outdoor Program will repair and resell unwanted bicycles so new students can ride
August 2
The campus community is invited to take part in the noon event in the Knight Campus lobby
July 31
Garrett Hongo and Colin Koopman are this year’s recipients of the annual recognition
July 28
The eight-session series begins in October and continues for several months
July 28
One-time financial investment will increase access to child care for university employees
July 14
Materials large and small can be donated or acquired by UO employees for free