Susan Campbell Hall
February 8

UO will put $4 million into boosting doctoral enrollment

In addition to funding at least 40 new doctoral students, the funding also will help the university boost diversity in the Graduate School.
February 3

Provost hears student feedback on tuition and fee proposal

Scott Coltrane met with a group of students to discuss the Tuition and Fee Advisory Board’s current thinking and how it might affect undergraduate students
Anthropology professor Josh Snodgrass will direct a new Center for Undergraduate Excellence
February 3

New AVP Snodgrass will lead undergraduate research push

A recognized researcher and mentor, Snodrass will lead the development of a new Center for Undergraduate Excellence.
Villard Hall
February 2

UO police officer douses flames in Villard Hall fire

Officer Troy Phillips was among the first on the scene and used a handheld fire extinguisher to quench the flames.
Computer keyboard with light blue comment button
February 1

Deadline approaching for strategic framework comments

The plan lays out a vision, along with priorities and strategies, for achieving the university's long-term academic goals.
Dean of Students Paul Shang
February 1

Dean of Students Paul Shang steps into retirement

Shang spent almost seven years at the UO, working with the Greek community, starting service projects and boosting prevention programs.
Dancers at a recent show by the UO's new Hip Hop Ensemble, one of seven campus groups seeking crowdfunding help.
February 1

Seven new crowdfunding projects go live

The campaigns hope to use the power of crowdfunding to raise money for a variety of programs that serve students and the community.
Darci Heroy
January 26

Darci Heroy appointed interim AVP, Title IX coordinator

Heroy has a law degree from the UO and has worked as a sexual misconduct investigator and a consultant on Title IX issues.
Two feet riding a hoverboard on a sidewalk
January 25

Safety concerns prompt campus ban on hoverboards

The ban, which includes all areas of campus, is being imposed to protect the campus community from the risk of fire and injury.
Hilary Gerdes
January 14

Faculty asked to use a mic to help students hear

Hilary Gerdes, the UO's senior director of the Accessible Education Center, sent a message to faculty regarding the use of microphones in large classrooms