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Academic Ducks: Robert D. Clark Honors College

"It feels good to be able to not only absorb this great pool of knowledge but also contribute back to it,” said Augustine Beard, a history major in the Robert D. Clark Honors College.

Clark Honors College is a highly competitive, small liberal arts college within the university. The college emphasizes interdisciplinary scholarship and independent research in a tight-knit, dynamic community of students and faculty. It features small classes and close interaction between students and faculty. 

The college’s namesake was a speech professor at the UO when he founded the Honors College in 1960. He later served as dean and as university president, and in 1975, the college was renamed in his honor. 

This video is the first in a series that will highlight each of the UO's schools and colleges, focusing on outstanding students and faculty members. All videos in the series can be found at "Take a video tour of the UO's schools and colleges" on Around the O.