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Academic Ducks: School of Journalism and Communication

"The classes within the SOJC are great for preparing you and giving you a baseline knowledge of reporting and video and editing and design and brand," student Kyle Hentschel says, "but when you're really going to learn is when you're out there working on real projects with real people and real clients."

The School of Journalism and Communication is a community of media scholars and professionals dedicated to teaching, research, and creative projects that champion freedom of expression, dialogue, and democracy in service to future generations.

Through its undergraduate and graduate programs in media studies, journalism, public relations, and advertising, students conduct research and craft nonfiction stories on such critical and global subjects as the environment, diverse cultures, and international issues. 

By integrating theory and practice, the school advances media scholarship and prepares students to become professional communicators, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens in a global society.

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