Quack Chats

Quack Chats pub talk 'New Evidence of Dinosaurs and Mammoths in Oregon'
Quack Chats pub talk 'New Evidence of Dinosaurs...Feb 20
6:00 p.m.
Downtown Athletic Club
Ideas on Tap: Changing Landscapes, Evolving Practices
Ideas on Tap: Changing Landscapes, Evolving...Mar 6
6:00 p.m.
Viking Braggot Co. Southtowne Pub
Quack Chats Pub Talk “Your ‘Gut Feelings:’ Where Do They Actually Come From? An Exploration of Gut Science”
Quack Chats Pub Talk “Your ‘Gut Feelings:’...Mar 20
6:00 p.m.
Downtown Athletic Club Ax Billy Grill
Ideas on Tap: Climate Action
Ideas on Tap: Climate ActionApr 3
6:00 p.m.
Viking Braggot Co. Southtowne Pub

Map showing wolf movements
February 1

Yellowstone atlas designer will delve into what makes good maps

Geographer Jim Meacham has helped produce breakthrough, award-winning maps and atlases
Robot and human hands
January 17

Computer science prof to discuss the dangers and potential of AI

Daniel Lowd will talk about his research on artificial intelligence at the Jan. 23 Quack Chats pub talk
Christopher Hendon
January 4

Dr. Coffee to reveal the secrets of a consistent cup at pub talk

Chemist Christopher Hendon will give the low-down on how to make great coffee every time
Andrew Lovering
December 6

Learn about the heart condition affecting a third of the population

Human physiologist Andrew Lovering talks about a common heart defect in a Dec. 12 Quack Chat
Plastics on beach
November 22

Making plastic that fully degrades is focus of coming pub talk

David Tyler will tell how chemists are looking to make plastic packaging from renewable sources
A flight of beers
November 8

Join Quack Chats for a frothy talk on the chemistry of beer

Jim Hutchison will reveal how four basic ingredients can be turned into a myriad of beer styles
Supreme Court building
October 16

Next pub talk will explore the Supreme Court and rule of law

Alison Gash will give a Quack Chats talk about partisanship and its possible effect on democracy
Emoji balls
October 5

Talk on emojis gets to the ♡ of the popular culture icons

UO prof Alisa Freedman will talk about the birth of emoji in the next Quack Chat pub talk Oct. 10
Iceberg flow in the landscape in Greenland
September 20

Next Quack Chats talk to look at North Atlantic icebergs

Historian Mark Carey will dig into the cultural aspects involved with floating chunks of ice
A vaquita, a species of critically endangered porpoise, is seen in the Gulf of California
September 7

Economist to tell how big data could tame overfishing

Grant McDermott will talk about how his work is delivering a clearer picture on global fisheries