Quack Chats

Quack Chats Pub Talk “The Plastics Problem and Probable Solutions”
Quack Chats Pub Talk “The Plastics Problem and...Nov 28
6:00 p.m.
Downtown Athletic Club, Ax Billy Grill
Ideas on Tap: Sustainable Design
Ideas on Tap: Sustainable DesignDec 5
6:00 p.m.
Viking Braggot Co. Southtowne Pub
Quack Chats Pub Talk “The ‘Hole’ Story of Cardiovascular Physiology & Medicine”
Quack Chats Pub Talk “The ‘Hole’ Story of...Dec 12
6:00 p.m.
Downtown Athletic Club, Ax Billy Grill
Quack Chats Pub Talk “The Science Behind a Good Cup of Coffee”
Quack Chats Pub Talk “The Science Behind a Good...Jan 9
6:00 p.m.
Downtown Athletic Club, Ax Billy Grill

Supreme Court building
October 16

Next pub talk will explore the Supreme Court and rule of law

Alison Gash will give a Quack Chats talk about partisanship and its possible effect on democracy
Emoji balls
October 5

Talk on emojis gets to the ♡ of the popular culture icons

UO prof Alisa Freedman will talk about the birth of emoji in the next Quack Chat pub talk Oct. 10
Iceberg flow in the landscape in Greenland
September 20

Next Quack Chats talk to look at North Atlantic icebergs

Historian Mark Carey will dig into the cultural aspects involved with floating chunks of ice
A vaquita, a species of critically endangered porpoise, is seen in the Gulf of California
September 7

Economist to tell how big data could tame overfishing

Grant McDermott will talk about how his work is delivering a clearer picture on global fisheries
Firefighter at wildland fire
August 3

Pub talk will examine the complexities of wildland fires

Research professor Cassandra Moseley will look at the causes and solutions to increased fire
Phil Washbourne
July 6

Pub talk will detail how zebrafish help autism research

In the lab of biologist Phil Washbourne, zebrafish are opening a new window on gene mutations
Image illustrates removing labels as part of a talk by Erik Girvan
June 8

Pub talk will explore ways to move past implicit biases

Law school’s Erik Girvan will tackle unfounded assumptions in thinking and how to move past them
Diana Libuda
May 18

Learn how humans faithfully pass along genetic information

Biologist Diana Libuda will talk about DNA and sperm development in a May 23 Quack Chat
LiDAR helped Roering's group locate an ancient riverbed in northern California
May 4

Pub talk will tell how lasers are revealing Oregon's landscapes

Earth sciences professor Josh Roering is learning about ancient and potential landslides with lasers fired from the sky
April 20

Pub talk will dive into the tangled world of cryptocurrency

Finance professor Stephen McKeon will talk bitcoins and blockchain in the April 25 Quack Chat