All student research welcome at May 17 undergrad symposium

Momo Wilms-Crowe

Momo Wilms-Crowe, a Clark Honors College sophomore, is presenting two different research projects at the upcoming Undergraduate Research Symposium.

“It’s never too early to get involved in research,” Wilms-Crowe said.

Her first project, "Responding to The Hyde Amendment: Abortion Discourse, Race, and a Conspiracy of Silence," stemmed from her HC233 research term for the honors college social science sequence she took during freshman year.

“We only had to submit a 10-page paper, but I kind of threw myself into it and got super interested,” Wilms-Crowe said. “I’ve since been building on that research project and incorporating the theoretical foundation behind it.”

Wilms-Crowe’s second research project, "Shifting the Aid Paradigm: An Exploration into Effective Humanitarian Policy Design Through a Case Study Analysis of Omnes Volunteer Association," came from her time abroad last summer.

“I participated in the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights summer seminar, which took us to Geneva and then Greece,” she said. “The theme of the seminar was the ethics of human migration and movement, specifically focusing on refugee issues.”

Wilms-Crowe’s project focuses on humanitarian aid and the grassroots approach through a case analysis of some of the organizations she visited in Greece.

While two presentations can be a lot to prepare for, Wilms-Crowe is feeling comfortable because of her behind-the-scenes involvement with the symposium through the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement and Associated Students of Undergraduate Research and Engagement.

“We’re basically undergraduate students who help coordinate the Undergraduate Research Symposium and also connect undergraduates with research opportunities,” Wilms-Crowe explained. “It’s been kind of funny because I’ve been running some workshops on how to give the poster and oral presentations, so now it’s just about formatting and turning my paper into the oral presentation.”

Wilms-Crowe encourages students who have research but are hesitant to present it to talk to the undergraduate research center and student research staff about how to take the next steps.

“The symposium isn’t just for seniors presenting their theses; any grade level can do it, and all of the research can look very different,” Wilms-Crowe said. “Just coming to see the symposium and seeing how it works and the diversity in the projects can be a great way to get your feet wet.”

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is Thursday, May 17, in the Erb Memorial Union. More information about the event schedule can be found online.

Undergraduate research advisers are available Monday through Thursday from 4-6 p.m. in Room 104, Global Scholars Hall.

Check out the undergraduate research website for upcoming workshops and research opportunity listings.

—BY Isabella Garcia, Clark Honors College multimedia communications assistant