Oregon Quarterly Bookmarks - Alumni

By Karen A. Foss, BA '72 (Romance languages), MA '73 (speech), and Ann Skinner-Jones
By Karen A. Foss, BA '72 (Romance languages), MA '73 (speech); Sonja K. Foss, BA '72 (Romance languages), MA '73 (speech: rhetoric and communication); and Alena Amato Ruggerio
By Garren Strong, BS '07 (business administration)
By Josephine Woolington, BA '13 (journalism, political science)
By Wagih Abu-Rish, MA '68 (journalism)
By Earl Anderson, MA '67, PhD '70 (English) 
Edited by Sonja K. Foss, BA '72 (Romance languages), MA '73 (speech: rhetoric and communication), and Cindy L. Griffin, MS '89 (speech: rhetoric and communication)
By Kamala Bremer, BA '78 (psychology), MS '84 (public affairs); Rosalyn McKeown-Ice, MA '77 (geography), PhD '86 (geography); Deb Jackson Brewer; Maradel Krummel Gale, JD '74; Saro Hendrickson; Jesse Jean Reeder, MUP '78 (urban and regional planning); and Sally Sharrard, BA '68 (journalism), MA '79 (geography)
By Scott F. Parker, BS '04 (Clark Honors College, philosophy, general science)