OQ Bookmarks

Bookmarks is a collection of new titles by University of Oregon faculty, staff, and alumni authors. We encourage you to submit your book. We also highlight a sampling of titles in our print edition. Listings are published at the discretion of the OQ editors.

K: A Novel cover
May 1, 2020

K: A Novel

By Ted O'Connell, MFA '95 (creative writing)

Ground Truth cover
April 14, 2020

Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life

By Siobhan "Ruby" McConnell, BS '01 (geological sciences)

That Place Where You Opened Your Hands cover
April 1, 2020

That Place Where You Opened Your Hands

By Susan Leslie Moore, BA '84 (english)

Spain, the Second World War, and the Holocaust cover
March 26, 2020

Spain, the Second World War, and the Holocaust: History and Representation

By Sara J. Brenneis of Amherst College and Gina Hermann, Norman H. Brown Jr. Faculty Fellow and associate professor of Spanish

Madam Arbitrator cover
March 17, 2020

Madam Arbitrator: Working Toward Social Equality and Employment Justice

By Sandra Smith Gangle, MA '68 (French)

Sockeye book cover
March 11, 2020


By Michael F. Tevlin, MA '81 (journalism)

The Joy of Running cover
March 3, 2020

The Joy of Running qua Running

By Scott F. Parker, BS '04 (general science/philosophy)

Caspar David Friedrich cover
February 25, 2020

Caspar David Friedrich: Nature and the Self

By Nina Amstutz, assistant professor in the history of art and architecture

Eden Mine cover
February 11, 2020

Eden Mine

By S.M. Hulse, MFA '12 (creative writing)

Democracy in Spite of the Demos cover
February 1, 2020

Democracy in Spite of the Demos: From Arendt to the Frankfurt School

By Larry Alan Busk, MA '15, PhD '18 (philosophy)