OQ Bookmarks

Bookmarks is a collection of new titles by University of Oregon faculty, staff, and alumni authors. We encourage you to submit your book. We also highlight a sampling of titles in our print edition. Listings are published at the discretion of the OQ editors.

March 22
By Marty Brounstein, MS ’86 (Independent Study: Industrial Relations)Nestled in the hills on the western side of Jerusalem is a museum called Yad Vashem. There, people from around the world visit daily to learn about the tragic period of history from 1933 to 1945 known as the Holocaust. The museum serves as an education, research, and historical center in remembrance of the six million Jews across Europe who were murdered at the hands of the Nazi Party machine led by Adolf Hitler.
January 26
By Edward Lee Lamoureux, PhD ’85 (Speech: Rhetoric and Communication)Very little in the American way of life functions adequately under surveillance. Democracy itself may be at mortal risk due to the loss of privacy and the increase in surveillance.Examining challenges in a wide range of contexts, this book investigates and critically examines our systems of data management, including the ways that data are collected, exchanged, analyzed, and re-purposed.
December 1
By B. Grace Bullock, PhD ’02 (Clinical Psychology)
June 1
By Molly Ringle, BA ’96 (Anthropology)
April 5
By Michael Allan, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
February 1
By David M. Luebke, professor of history
October 15
By Marli Miller, Senior Instructor of Earth Sciences
February 13
By Pascal Bruckner, translation by Steven Randall, UO professor emeritus of Romance languagesAccomplished translation and UO professor releases his first of a series of translation books all set to release this year; each on a different figure or topic in the history of Romance cultures. (2019)Amazon, February 2012
January 11
By Terry Shea, BS '68 (sociology), MS '69 (counseling)