OQ Bookmarks

Bookmarks is a collection of new titles by University of Oregon faculty, staff, and alumni authors. We encourage you to submit your book. We also highlight a sampling of titles in our print edition. Listings are published at the discretion of the OQ editors.

The Art of Pranksterism cover
May 5, 2019

The Art of Pranksterism: A Visual Journey with the Merry Pranksters

By Sarah Fisher, MA ’18 (Folklore)

Edge of Awe cover
May 1, 2019

Edge of Awe: Experiences of the Malhhur-Steens Country

By Alan Contreras, BS '82 (political science) JD '85 

Another Place Called Home cover
May 1, 2019

Another Place Called Home: Surviving Foster Care

By Susan DuMond, PhD ’83 (Educational Policy and Management)

Return of Nature book cover
April 23, 2019

The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology

By John Bellamy Foster, professor of sociology

Producers, Parasites, Patriots cover
April 9, 2019

Producers, Parasites, Patriots: Race and the New Right-Wing Politics of Precarity

By Joseph Lowndes, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Daniel HoSang

The shifting meaning of race and class in the age of Trump

Talk to Me cover
March 26, 2019

Talk to Me: How Voice Computing Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Think

By James Vlahos, BS ’92 (Journalism: Magazine)

An Environmental History of the Willamette Valley cover
March 19, 2019

An Environmental History of the Willamette Valley

By Elizabeth Orr and William Orr, Emeritus professor of geological sciences

Men in Place cover
March 19, 2019

Men in Place: Trans Masculinity, Race, and Sexuality in America

By Miriam Abelson, MS ’10 (Sociology)

La Luministe cover
March 15, 2019

La Luministe

By Paula Butterfield, BA ’75 (Art History)

Ten Drugs cover
March 5, 2019

Ten Drugs: How Plants, Powders, and Pills Have Shaped the History of Medicine

By Thomas Hager, MS ’81 (Journalism)