Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2013

An Emerald editor's decision to protect her sources frustrated authorities and helped change the law
An enigmatic Oregonian whose mysterious life and work continue to defy consensus
Revitalizing a language to save a culture from being lost in translation
The UO's new football performance center offers architectural aspirations
Thousands showed up to Matthew Knight Arena to hear the Dalai Lama
Robert Fogarty asks people to tell their stories—in very few words
A children's storybook tale depicits university life at UO in 1961
An inside view and personal experience of the storied walk to Autzen Stadium for UO football games
A designer creates landscapes of delight heavily influenced by his international travel
The professor behind the prank that kick-starts some freshmen down the psychology path at UO
The letters of a noted Northwest painter show a complex character pulled by competing impulses
A coastal community benefits from generations of care by the Rinehart family
Chris Angotti helps writers bring out their (50,000-word) stories
A recollection of the history of forced sterilization at Oregon State Hospital
A reflection and a look back at the value of an unread book 
State legislature approves S.B. 270, establishing board of trustees
Letters criticize last issue's letters; discuss the politics of climate change; appreciate past and present campus police officers
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