Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2014

Does the public trust doctrine that protects air, water, and endangered species apply to climate? 
A student reflects on her father's work in the Alaskan oil fields during the recession of the mid-2000s
A long-awaited renovation will link the best of the “old” EMU with a new design that reflects students’ values
Many products developed by Ducks have achieved success far greater than what their creators originally imagined
Five myths about UO athletics that we think deserve a look into debunking
Melissa Hart weaves a story of rehabilitating injured raptors and falling in love with helpless creatures
Catherine Johnson-Roehr continues a provocative conversation started by the world’s most famous sex researcher
Matthew Bates, group creative director at Active Interest Media, collaborated with OQ staff on the magazine's redesign
An unexpected phone call brought Native American teenager Mel Sandholm ’75 to the UO
Through rigorous product testing, Rodger Voelker hopes to improve safety for medical marijuana users
Alum reflects on living in the Wilkinson House and how it shaped her and her family's lives
Letters include readers sending their admiration and memories of Prefontaine and Mac Court
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