Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2019

Oregon Quarterly Autumn 2019
From star-gazing to asteroid-chasing, the UO astronomical facility offers a constellation of adventures
Tiny worms threaten Oregon's prolific hazelnut production. And only pigs can stop them. 
A student's interviews with homeless women put a human face on a national dilemma
New research programs allow undergraduates to work with mentors in prestigious UO labs 
A passion for the middle ages manifests as an examination of the all-purpose Viking feast
After 52 years of teaching at the UO,  Ed Whitelaw shows no signs of slowing down
Translating the works of Forugh Farrokhzad and other female poets leads to a unique career path
A Chinese adoptee explores otherness within a family that is loving but different
Tracking the stigmatization of mental illness across Africa
Philosophy professor & musician shares history of the famed Broadway House concert series
A command of the scientific method serves cancer therapies, stem-cell treatments, and agriculture
Anisha Adke and Zoë Wong bonded over biology. Now they're research fellows at the National Institute of Health.
A mother’s nontraditional path through college ends with self-acceptance
The summer issue's 100th-anniversary feature on UO heroes prompted plenty of feedback
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