Oregon Quarterly Spring 2011

Ducks lose national championship game in the last seconds
Beavers can help us save salmon and make life better for ducks and other creatures
After sixty years, a woman tells the story of a night that changed her life
There's a dramatic world of life where our rivers meet the ocean
Nancy Hughes is on a mission to change the world one stove at a time
Excerpt from journalist Jere Van Dyk's book, Captive: My Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban
UO scientists study how sustainable building design can improve human health
Excerpt from Win McCormack's, MFA '78, book about the religious group in north-central Oregon that committed bioterrorism
An artisit uses hundreds of thousands of aluminum cans to critique mass consumption in the U.S.
UO physics professor uses stories and narrative to enhance his lectures and engage students
Kesey's papers are a treasure of the UO Libraries—for now
Coach Bill Reinhart and the nephew who wanted to preserve his memory
What do student government leaders do after graduation?
Longtime Congressman reflects on politics, trends, and life on The Hill
Duck calls play-by-play for Portland's new pro team
A story by a U.S. diplomatic courier on what can–and sometimes will–go wrong during air travel
Letters to the editor include goodbyes and memories of Mac Court, cover critiques, and more resources on Myra Albert Wiggins