Oregon Quarterly Summer 2011

July 1

What Happens When It Happens Here?

Oregon prepares for predicted massive earthquake and tsunami

Rick Price and Paola Malpezzi began organizing bicycle tours of Italy nearly forty years ago. Photograph by Joe Lieberman, ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours
July 1

Pedaling on Pasta Power

Culinary bike touring in northern Italy

Photograph by Nick Wass, AP photo
July 1

Dribble, Shoot, Pray

NBA point guard Luke Ridnour's faith puts basketball in perspective

Photograph by Jonathan B. Smith
July 1

Dream Child

An adoptive family bonds over backpacks and tiaras

Dan Rodriguez on the pep rally stage before the BCS football championship game in Glendale, Arizona. Photograph by Jack Liu
July 1

Dan Rodriguez Hangs It Up

Alumni Association director reflects on his long run at Oregon

July 1

Letters to the Editor Summer 2011

Letters to the editor include accounts of racism on campus in the ’50s and ’60s, the prominence of sports, and overall praise for the Spring issue