Oregon Quarterly Summer 2013

The Depression coincided with the Dust Bowl, leaving many farmers destitute. In this image, people trudge through the blowing dust that covers everything but the windmill, visible in the upper right corner.
July 1

Stories Carved in Cedar

Depression-era murals depict Oregon's landscape, the spirit of its people, and a rare side of the era's government-sponsored art

The Hull-Oakes lumber mill, about which the author wrote in the early 1990s, as it looks today.
July 1

Logging Days

Winner of the 14th Annual Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest

Protesters march along 13th Avenue in Eugene on February 17, 2013, following the student-organized Social Justice, Real Justice conference. Photograph illustration by Tim Jordan
July 1

Sidewalk or Street?

Compelled to step up her activism by the urgency of climate change, a mother wrestles with a moral dilemma

Nancy King performing at the 2012 Portland Jazz Festival in February. Photograph by John Rudoff
July 1

Oregon Jazz

Three musical luminaries, who were pioneers on the jazz scene, first met at the UO

DesignBridge is a multidisciplinary student organization linking the UO with the surrounding community by offering design and design-build services to local organizations that could most benefit from the help. Photograph courtesy Huerto de la Familia
July 1

Fruits of Their Labor

Local Latino farmers benefit from close ties with UO graduates, faculty members, and students

Ann Curry shares her passion for storytelling with students during a recent campus visit. Photograph by Jack Liu
July 1

A Life Telling Stories

Famed journalist and UO graduate Ann Curry inspires next generation with 2013 Ruhl Lecture

Helmuth Rilling (right) was 37 years old when he cofounded the Oregon Bach Festival. When Matthew Halls (left) takes over as artistic director following this year's festival, he'll be 37 as well. Photograph by Jon Christopher Meyers
July 1

Passing the Baton

The Oregon Bach Festival makes a transition from past to future

Sous chef Shawn Savage pours—195°C liquid nitrogen into a cream base as head chef Doug Lang whisks the mixture into a rich, flash-frozen dessert. Photograph by Ann Wiens
July 1

Test Kitchen

A UO chef and chemist enlist the principles of molecular gastronomy to illuminate concepts of chemistry

Eugene Police officer Randy Ellis knows the streets and people of the West University Neighborhood, where he has long served using creative and unorthodox approaches to law enforcement. Photograph by Alex McDougall - Oregon Daily Emerald
July 1

Marching to His Own Beat

Randy Ellis brings a distinctive style to policing the West University area

Photograph by John Bauguess
July 1

The Best... Place to Enjoy the Fruits of Summer

UO's Urban Farm teaches students the rewards and forgotten pleasures of gardening