Oregon Quarterly Summer 2017

Stamps Scholars program doubles its UO commitment to include five scholarships for out-of-state freshmen
Professor Paul Slovic is on a quest to make compassion count and keep people caring
Traveling, reading, grilling, and other Duck summer activities explored 
UO scientists are among the millions anticipating this summer's low-light highlight August 21
Students devote their spring break to building stoves and bettering lives
Slug Queen of Eugene runs a science summer program to help keep young girls excited about STEM
Student Orientation Programs director Abigail Mizera takes on the task of welcoming 4,500 incoming students
Two families, from cultures half a world apart, find common values at Oregon
Kevin Frazier is realizing his vision for Portland children to discover the wonders of their home state
Basketball Hall of Fame keynote speaker highlights the Class of ’67 reunion coming in September
A reflection of the acts of love and resistance in the 1960s and how it still applies today
Readers commend tributes to Glen Love and Barbara Mossberg, emphasize kindness for all, and recall freedom fighters